005 Computer programming, programs, data
005.3 Programs
005.3028 Auxiliary techniques and procedures; apparatus, equipment, materials 005.3029 Commercial miscellany 005.36 Programs for personal computers vi
005 Lập trình máy tính, chương trình, dữ liệu
005.3 Chương trình
005.3028 Kỹ thuật và quy trình phụ trợ, máy móc, thiết bị, vật liệu 005.3029 Tài liệu hỗn hợp thương mại 005.36 Chương trình cho máy vi tính it
005 Programmazione, programmi, dati degli elaboratori
005.3 Programmi
005.3028 Tecniche e procedure ausiliarie; apparecchi, attrezzature, materiali 005.3029 Miscellanea commerciale 005.36 Programmi per microelaboratori en
005 Computer programming, programs, data
005.3 Programs
005.30218 Standards 005.30287 Testing and measurement 005.3029 Commercial miscellany 005.30688 Computer software--marketing management 005.31 Programs for supercomputers 005.32 Programs for mainframe computers 005.34 Programs for midrange computers 005.36 Programs for personal computers 005.37 Programs for specific processing modes 005.38 Programs for specific operating systems and for specific user interfaces 005.39 Programs for hybrid and analog computers de
005 Computerprogrammierung, Computerprogramme, Daten
005.3 Programme
005.30218 Normen 005.30287 Testen und Messen 005.3029 Verschiedenes zu Handel und Gewerbe 005.30688 Computersoftware--Marketingmanagement 005.31 Programme für Supercomputer 005.32 Programme für Großrechner 005.34 Programme für Midrange-Computer 005.35 Programme für mobile Computerendgeräte 005.36 Programme für Personal Computer 005.37 Programme für einzelne Verarbeitungsarten 005.38 Programme für einzelne Betriebssysteme und für einzelne Benutzeroberflächen 005.39 Programme für Hybrid- und Analogcomputer
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