005.7 Data in computer systems
005.74 Data files and databases
005.7401 Philosophy and theory 005.7402 Miscellany 005.7406 Organizations and management vi
005.7 Dữ liệu trong hệ thống máy tính
005.74 Tệp dữ liệu và cơ sở dữ liệu
005.74068 Quản trị it
005.7 Dati nei sistemi di elaborazione
005.74 File di dati e basi di dati
005.74068 Gestione en
005.7 Data in computer systems
005.74 Data files and databases
005.74015113 Mathematical logic 005.740285 Computer applications 005.7406 Organizations and management 005.741 File organization and access methods 005.742 Data dictionaries and directories 005.743 Database design and architecture 005.745 Data warehousing 005.746 Data compression de
005.7 Daten in Computersystemen
005.74 Datendateien und Datenbanken
005.74015113 Mathematische Logik 005.740285 Computereinsatz 005.7406 Organisationen und Management 005.741 Dateiorganisation und Dateizugriffsverfahren 005.742 Datenkataloge und Datenverzeichnisse 005.743 Datenbankdesign und Datenbankarchitektur 005.745 Data-Warehouse-Konzept 005.746 Datenkomprimierung
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