150.19 Systems, schools, viewpoints
150.195 Psychoanalytic systems
150.19508664 Homophobia in psychoanalysis 150.195092 Psychoanalysts 150.1952 Freudian system 150.1953 Adlerian system 150.1954 Jungian system 150.1957 Neopsychoanalytic systems de
150.19 Systeme, Schulen, Richtungen
150.195 Psychoanalytische Systeme
150.19508664 Homophobie in der Psychoanalyse 150.195092 Psychoanalytiker 150.1952 Freudsches System 150.1953 Adlersches System 150.1954 Jungsches System 150.1957 Neopsychoanalytische Systeme
Dewey Decimal Classification
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