271.9 Congregations and orders of women
271.97 Other Roman Catholic orders of women
271.971 Carmelites 271.972 Dominicans 271.973 Franciscan orders 271.974 Ursulines 271.975 Visitation orders 271.976 Saint Joseph orders 271.977 Presentation orders de
271.9 Frauenkongregationen und Frauenorden
271.97 Andere Römisch-Katholische Frauenorden
271.971 Karmelitinnen 271.972 Dominikanerinnen 271.973 Franziskanerinnen 271.974 Ursulinen 271.975 Visitandinnen 271.976 Religiöse Orden vom Heiligen Josef 271.977 Presentation Sisters
Dewey Decimal Classification
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