297 Islam, Babism, Bahai Faith
297.1 Sources of Islam vi
297 Hồi giáo, giáo lý dòng Bab, đức tin giáo lý dòng Bahai
297.1 Nguồn tư liệu Hồi giáo it
297 Islamismo, Babismo, fede Bahai
297.1 Fonti dell'islamismo en
297 Islam, Babism, Bahai Faith
297.1 Sources of Islam
297.12 Koran and Hadith 297.14 Religious and ceremonial laws and decisions 297.18 Stories, legends, parables, proverbs, anecdotes told for religious edification de
297 Islam, Babismus, Bahaismus
297.1 Quellen des Islam
297.12 Koran und Hadith 297.14 Religiöse und zeremonielle Gesetze und Entscheidungen 297.18 Geschichten, Legenden, Parabeln, Sprichwörter, Anekdoten, die zur religiösen Erbauung gedacht sind
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