297.12 Koran and Hadith
297.125 Hadith (Traditions)
297.125012 Classification 297.12504 Arabic language--Hadith texts 297.125082 Women--Hadith 297.12509 History, geographic treatment, biography 297.1251 General topics of Hadith 297.1252 Dirāyah (Science of authenticity of Hadith) 297.1254 Jawāmiʻ (Comprehensive compilations), ṣiḥāḥ (Authentic compilations), mustadrākāt 297.1255 Sunan (Compilations according to Islamic law hierarchy), muṣannafat, muwaṭṭaʻāt 297.1256 Masānīd, aṭrāf, maʻājim, zawāʼid 297.1257 Mustakhrajat (Compilations containing Hadith of other compilers with different chains of transmission) and takhrījāt (Compilations that define the degree of verification of another compilation) 297.1258 Al-Aḥādīth al-Qudsīyah (Sacred Hadith) 297.1259 Texts of Hadith of sects other than Sunnites
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