306 Culture and institutions
306.2 Political institutions vi
306 Văn hoá và thể chế
306.2 Thể chế chính trị it
306 Cultura e istituzioni
306.2 Istituzioni politiche en
306 Culture and institutions
306.2 Political institutions
306.20973 Political sociology--United States 306.23 Legislative institutions 306.24 Executive institutions 306.25 Judicial institutions 306.26 Political parties 306.27 Military institutions 306.28 Police institutions de
306 Kultur und Institutionen
306.2 Politische Institutionen
306.20973 Politische Soziologie--USA, . . . 306.23 Einrichtungen der Legislative 306.24 Einrichtungen der Exekutive 306.25 Einrichtungen der Judikative 306.26 Parteien 306.27 Militärische Einrichtungen 306.28 Polizeieinrichtungen
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