34 Law
343 Military, defense, public property, public finance, tax, commerce (trade), industrial law
343.009 History, geographic treatment, biography 343.01 Military and defense law, veterans' law 343.02 Law of public property 343.03 Law of public finance 343.04 Tax law 343.05 Kinds of taxes by base 343.06 Kinds of taxes by incidence 343.07 Regulation of economic activity 343.08 Regulation of commerce (trade) 343.09 Control of public utilities 343.1 Socioeconomic regions 343.2 Regional intergovernmental organizations 343.7304 Internal revenue--law--United States 343.73052 Income tax--law--United States 343.73053 Death tax--law--United States 343.730721 Antitrust law--United States 343.730815 Interstate commerce--law--United States 343.730994 Broadcasting--law--United States 343.94076911222 Kangaroo industry--law
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