34 Law
344 Labor, social service, education, cultural law
344.009 History, geographic treatment, biography 344.01 Labor 344.02 Government-sponsored insurance 344.03 Social service 344.04 Miscellaneous social problems and services 344.05 Police services, other aspects of public safety, matters concerning public morals and customs 344.06 Public works 344.07 Education 344.08 Educational and cultural exchanges 344.09 Culture and religion 344.1 Socioeconomic regions 344.2 Regional intergovernmental organizations 344.7301 Labor law--United States 344.73022 Medicaid--law 344.73023 Social security--United States--law 344.73041 Medical law--United States 344.73046 Environmental law--United States 344.7305325 Terrorism--law--United States 344.73094 Archaeology--law--United States 344.94022 Medicare (Australia)--law
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