34 Law
346 Private law
346.001 Philosophy and theory 346.002 Miscellany 346.003 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances 346.004 Equity 346.009 History, geographic treatment, biography 346.01 Persons and domestic relations 346.02 Juristic acts, contracts, agency 346.03 Torts (Delicts) 346.04 Property 346.05 Inheritance, succession, fiduciary trusts, trustees 346.06 Organizations (Associations) 346.07 Commercial law 346.08 Banks and insurance 346.09 Investment and negotiable instruments 346.1 Socioeconomic regions 346.2 Regional intergovernmental organizations 346.420150269 Family Division of the High Court of Justice (Great Britain) 346.420433 Horizontal property--law--England 346.73013 Disabled people--legal status--United States 346.730166 Divorce--law--United States 346.73017 Parent-child relations--law--United States 346.73022 Contracts--United States 346.73023 Defense contracts--law--United States 346.7303 Torts--United States 346.7304 Property--law--United States 346.73052 Estate planning--law--United States 346.73054 Wills--United States 346.7305908997 American native peoples--fiduciary trusts--United States 346.730652 Small business--law--private law--United States 346.73066 Corporate law--United States 346.7307 Business law--United States 346.73082 Banks (Finance)--law--United States 346.73086 Insurance--law--United States 346.730922 Securities--law--United States 346.9404320899915 Aboriginal Australians--land tenure 346.94046959222 Kangaroos--resource economics--law
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