354 Public administration of economy and environment
354.4 Administration of energy and energy-related industries vi
354 Hành chính công trong kinh tế và môi trường
354.4 Quản lý năng lượng và ngành liên quan tới năng lượng it
354 Amministrazione pubblica dell'economia e dell'ambiente
354.4 Amministrazione dell'energia e delle industrie connesse all'energia en
354 Public administration of economy and environment
354.4 Public administration of energy and energy-related industries
354.40973 United States. Department of Energy--public administration 354.427 Energy development--public administration 354.428 General forms of control 354.43 Energy conservation 354.44 Fossil fuels 354.45 Oil 354.46 Gas 354.47 Nuclear fuels 354.48 Other energy resources 354.49 Electricity de
354 Öffentliche Verwaltung von Wirtschaft und Umwelt
354.4 Verwaltung der Energiewirtschaft und verwandter Industrien
354.40973 USA. Department of Energy—öffentliche Verwaltung, . . . 354.427 Energieentwicklung—öffentliche Verwaltung 354.428 Allgemeine Formen der Kontrolle 354.43 Energieeinsparung 354.44 Fossile Brennstoffe 354.45 Öl 354.46 Gas 354.47 Kernbrennstoffe 354.48 Andere Energiequellen 354.49 Elektrizität
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