362 Social welfare problems and services
362.4 Problems of and services to people with physical disabilities vi
362 Các vấn đề phúc lợi xã hội và dịch vụ xã hội
362.4 Vấn đề và dịch vụ đối với người thiểu năng thể chất it
362 Problemi e servizi di assistenza sociale
362.4 Problemi delle persone con menomazioni fisiche e servizi relativi en
362 Social problems of and services to groups of people
362.4 People with physical disabilities
362.404 Special topics of people with physical disabilities, people with physical and mental disabilities 362.4083 Disabled children--social welfare 362.408422 Disabled young women--social welfare 362.408664 Disabled gays--social welfare 362.408697 Disabled veterans 362.41 People with blindness and visual impairments 362.42 People with hearing impairments 362.43 People with mobility impairments de
362 Soziale Probleme von und Sozialdienste für Personengruppen
362.4 Personen mit körperlicher Behinderung
362.404 Spezielle Themen zu Personen mit körperlicher Behinderung, zu Personen mit körperlicher und geistiger Behinderung 362.4083 Behinderte Kinder--Sozialhilfe 362.408422 Behinderte junge Frauen--Sozialhilfe 362.408664 Behinderte Homosexuelle--Sozialhilfe 362.408697 Behinderte Veteranen, . . . 362.41 Personen mit Blindheit und Sehbehinderung 362.42 Personen mit Hörschädigung 362.43 Personen mit Gehbehinderung
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