362 Social welfare problems and services
362.5 Problems of and services to poor people vi
362 Các vấn đề phúc lợi xã hội và dịch vụ xã hội
362.5 Vấn đề và dịch vụ đối với người nghèo it
362 Problemi e servizi di assistenza sociale
362.5 Problemi dei poveri e servizi relativi en
362 Social problems of and services to groups of people
362.5 Poor people
362.508 Groups of people 362.50973 Poor people--social welfare--United States 362.5526 Poverty--international cooperation 362.57 Measures to prevent, protect against, limit effects of poverty 362.58 Remedial measures, services, forms of assistance 362.59 Homeless and unemployed people de
362 Soziale Probleme von und Sozialdienste für Personengruppen
362.5 Arme Personen
362.508 Personengruppen 362.50973 Arme Personen--Sozialhilfe--USA, . . . 362.53 Obdachlose Familien 362.5526 Armut--internationale Zusammenarbeit 362.57 Maßnahmen zur Prävention von, zum Schutz vor, zur Begrenzung der Auswirkungen von Armut 362.58 Abhilfemaßnahmen, Dienste, Formen der Hilfe 362.59 Obdachlose und arbeitslose Personen
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