363.3 Other aspects of public safety
363.34 Disasters vi
363.3 Khía cạnh khác của an toàn công cộng
363.34 Thảm hoạ it
363.3 Altri aspetti della sicurezza pubblica
363.34 Catastrofi en
363.3 Other aspects of public safety
363.34 Disasters
363.340681 Disasters--social services--financial management 363.340973 United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency 363.34525 Emergency planning 363.346 Disaster control 363.348 Remedial measures, services, forms of assistance 363.349 Specific kinds of disasters de
363.3 Andere Aspekte der öffentlichen Sicherheit
363.34 Katastrophen
363.340681 Katastrophen—Sozialdienste—Finanzmanagement 363.340973 USA. Federal Emergency Management Agency, . . . 363.34525 Notstandsplanung 363.346 Kontrolle von Katastrophen 363.348 Abhilfemaßnahmen, Dienste, Formen der Hilfe 363.349 Einzelne Arten von Katastrophen
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