371.9 Special education
371.95 Gifted students vi
371.9 Giáo dục đặc biệt
371.95 Học sinh và sinh viên có năng khiếu it
371.9 Educazione speciale
371.95 Studenti superdotati en
371.9 Special education
371.95 Gifted students
371.952 Mainstreaming 371.953 Programs in specific subjects 371.955 Buildings, rooms, furnishings, apparatus, equipment, supplies 371.956 Teaching methods 371.957 Education by level de
371.9 Sonderpädagogik
371.95 Hochbegabte Schüler
371.952 Mainstreaming im Regelunterricht 371.953 Unterrichtspläne für einzelne Fächer 371.955 Gebäude, Räume, Einrichtung, Geräte, Ausstattung, Schulmittel 371.956 Unterrichtsmethoden 371.957 Unterricht nach Bildungsstufe
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