378 Higher education
378.1 Organization and activities in higher education vi
378 Giáo dục đại học
378.1 Tổ chức và hoạt động trong giáo dục đại học it
378 Educazione superiore
378.1 Organizzazione e attività nell'educazione superiore en
378 Higher education (Tertiary education)
378.1 Organization and activities in higher education
378.101 College and university administration 378.103 Community relations 378.104 Cooperation in higher education 378.106 Financial management 378.107 Executive management 378.11 Personnel management 378.12 Faculty and teaching 378.15 Specific levels of higher education 378.16 Administration of student academic activities 378.17 Methods of instruction and study 378.19 Guidance, discipline, physical plant, welfare, students, curricula de
378 Hochschulbildung (Tertiärbereich)
378.1 Organisation von und Tätigkeiten in der Hochschulbildung
378.101 Hochschul- und Universitätsverwaltung 378.103 Beziehungen zum Gemeinwesen 378.104 Kooperation in der Hochschulbildung 378.106 Finanzmanagement 378.107 Leitendes Management 378.11 Personalmanagement 378.12 Lehrkörper und Hochschullehre 378.15 Einzelne Stufen der Hochschulbildung, Abendkolleg 378.16 Verwaltung studentischer akademischer Tätigkeiten 378.17 Methodik der Hochschullehre und des Studiums 378.19 Führung, Disziplin, Standort und Gebäude, Sozialdienste, Studenten, Curricula
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