398.2 Folk literature
398.209 History, geographic treatment, biography
398.20935 Folk literature--Mesopotamia--ancient 398.20936239802 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--Bath and North East Somerset (England)--ancient 398.20938 Folk literature--Greece--ancient 398.20941 Folk literature--Great Britain 398.2094202 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--Great Britain 398.20942034 Legendary places--folklore--Great Britain 398.20942646 Folk literature--Suffolk Coastal (England) 398.20942901 Legendary beings--folklore--Wales 398.20942927 Folk literature--Colwyn (Wales) 398.2094301 Legendary beings--folklore--Germany 398.209485 Folk literature--Sweden 398.20949602 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--Balkan Peninsula 398.2095102 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--China 398.2095502 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--Iran 398.2095602 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--Middle East 398.20956102 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--Turkey 398.20959302 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--Thailand 398.2096 Folk literature--Africa 398.209723202 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--Sinaloa (Mexico : State) 398.2097294 Folklore--Haiti 398.209802 Persons (Individuals)--folklore--South America
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