516 Geometry
516.3 Analytic geometries vi
516 Hình học
516.3 Hình học giải tích it
516 Geometria
516.3 Geometrie analitiche en
516 Geometry
516.3 Analytic geometries
516.32 Plane analytic geometry 516.33 Solid analytic geometry 516.34 Analytic trigonometry 516.35 Algebraic geometry 516.36 Differential and integral geometry 516.37 Metric differential geometries de
516 Geometrie
516.3 Analytische Geometrien
516.32 Ebene analytische Geometrie 516.33 Analytische Raumgeometrie 516.34 Analytische Trigonometrie 516.35 Algebraische Geometrie 516.36 Differenzial- und Integralgeometrie 516.37 Metrische Differenzialgeometrien
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