519 Probabilities and applied mathematics
519.7 Programming vi
519 Xác suất và toán ứng dụng
519.7 Lập trình it
519 Probabilità e matematica applicata
519.7 Programmazione en
519 Probabilities and applied mathematics
519.7 Programming
519.702 Single-stage programming 519.703 Multistage programming 519.72 Linear programming 519.76 Nonlinear programming 519.77 Integer programming de
519 Wahrscheinlichkeiten und angewandte Mathematik
519.7 Programmierung
519.702 Einstufige Programmierung 519.703 Mehrstufige Programmierung 519.72 Lineare Programmierung 519.76 Nichtlineare Programmierung 519.77 Ganzzahlige Programmierung
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