551.5 Meteorology
551.57 Hydrometeorology vi
551.5 Khí tượng học
551.57 Khí tượng học thuỷ văn it
551.5 Meteorologia
551.57 Idrometeorologia en
551.5 Meteorology
551.57 Hydrometeorology
551.571 Humidity 551.572 Evapotranspiration 551.574 Condensation of moisture 551.575 Fog and mist 551.576 Clouds 551.577 Precipitation 551.578 Frozen precipitation 551.579 Snow surveys de
551.5 Meteorologie
551.57 Hydrometeorologie
551.571 Luftfeuchtigkeit 551.572 Evapotranspiration 551.574 Kondensation von Feuchtigkeit 551.575 Nebel und Dunst 551.576 Wolken 551.577 Niederschlag 551.578 Gefrorener Niederschlag 551.579 Schneemessungen
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