553 Economic geology
553.2 Carbonaceous materials vi
553 Địa chất học kinh tế
553.2 Vật liệu chứa cacbon it
553 Geologia economica (Geologia applicata)
553.2 Materiali organogeni en
553 Economic geology
553.2 Carbonaceous materials
553.21 Peat 553.22 Lignite (Brown coal) 553.23 Cannel coal 553.24 Bituminous and semibituminous coal 553.25 Anthracite 553.26 Graphite 553.27 Solid and semisolid bitumens 553.28 Oil, oil shales, tar sands, natural gas 553.29 Fossil resins and gums de
553 Lagerstättenkunde
553.2 Kohlenstoffhaltige Stoffe
553.21 Torf 553.22 Braunkohle 553.23 Cannelkohle 553.24 Steinkohle und Glanzbraunkohle 553.25 Anthrazit 553.26 Grafit 553.27 Feste und halbfeste Bitumen 553.28 Erdöl, Ölschiefer, Ölsande, Erdgas 553.29 Fossile Harze und fossiler Kautschuk
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