579.3 Prokaryotes
579.32 Minor kinds of bacteria
579.321 Archaeobacteria 579.323 Aerobic-microaerophilic, motile, helical-vibrioid gram-negative bacteria 579.325 Anaerobic gram-negative straight, curved, and helical rods 579.327 Rickettsias and Chlamydias 579.328 Mycoplasmas de
579.3 Prokaryonten
579.32 Kleinere Arten von Bakterien
579.321 Archaebakterien 579.323 Aerob-mikroaerophile, bewegliche, helikal-vibrioide gram-negative Bakterien 579.325 Anaerobe gram-negative gerade, S-förmige und helikale Stäbchen 579.327 Rickettsien und Chlamydien 579.328 Mykoplasmen
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