59 Animals (Zoology)
597 Cold-blooded vertebrates
597.0723 Fishes--descriptive research 597.073 Collections and exhibits of living fishes 597.092 Ichthyologists 597.0994 Fishes--Australia 597.138 Evolution--fishes 597.139209 Young animals--fishes--geographic treatment 597.146809 Eggs--fishes--geographic treatment 597.162 Nonnative fishes 597.163 Game fishes 597.165 Poisonous fishes 597.168 Rare fishes--biology 597.17584 Cave fishes 597.176 Freshwater fishes 597.177 Marine fishes 597.2 Agnatha (Jawless fishes) 597.3 Selachii, Holocephali, Sarcopterygii 597.4 Miscellaneous superorders of Actinopterygii 597.5 Protacanthopterygii 597.6 Scopelomorpha, Paracanthopterygii, Acanthopterygii 597.7 Perciformes 597.8 Amphibia (Amphibians) 597.9 Reptilia (Reptiles)
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