599.5 Cetaceans and sea cows
599.53 Dolphins and porpoises vi
599.5 Cá voi và bò biển
599.53 Cá heo và loài cá heo it
599.5 Cetacei e vacche marine
599.53 Delfini e focene en
599.5 Cetacea and Sirenia
599.53 Dolphins and porpoises
599.530723 Dolphin watching 599.531594 Dolphin sounds 599.532 Delphinus (Common dolphin) 599.533 Tursiops (Bottle-nosed dolphins) 599.534 Stenella 599.536 Orcinus (Killer whale) 599.538 River dolphins 599.539 Phocoenidae (Porpoises) de
599.5 Cetacea (Wale) und Sirenia (Seekühe)
599.53 Delphine und Schweinswale
599.530723 Delphinbeobachtung, . . . 599.531594 Delphinlaute 599.532 Delphinus (Gemeiner Delphin) 599.533 Tursiops (Tümmler) 599.534 Stenella (Fleckendelphine) 599.536 Orcinus (Schwertwal) 599.538 Flussdelphine 599.539 Phocoenidae (Schweinswale)
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