612 Human physiology
612.8 Nervous system    Sensory functions vi
612 Sinh lý học người
612.8 Hệ thần kinh    Chức năng cảm giác it
612 Fisiologia umana
612.8 Sistema nervoso    Funzioni sensorie en
612 Human physiology
612.8 Nervous system
612.804 Special topics of nervous functions 612.80846 Nervous system--human physiology--older people 612.81 Nerves and nerve fibers 612.82 Central nervous system 612.83 Spinal cord 612.84 Eyes 612.85 Ears 612.86 Nose 612.87 Tongue 612.88 Other sensory organs 612.89 Autonomic nervous system de
612 Humanphysiologie
612.8 Nervensystem
612.804 Spezielle Themen der Nervenfunktionen 612.80846 Nervensystem—Humanphysiologie—ältere Personen 612.81 Nerven und Nervenfasern 612.82 Gehirn 612.83 Rückenmark 612.84 Augen 612.85 Ohren 612.86 Nase 612.87 Zunge 612.88 Andere Sinnesorgane 612.89 Vegetatives Nervensystem
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