616.99 Tumors and miscellaneous communicable diseases
616.994 Cancers
616.99400835 Cancer--humans--adolescent medicine 616.99401 Microbial carcinogenesis--medicine 616.9940231 Cancer--humans--nursing 616.994042 Oncogenes--medicine 616.99405 Cancer--humans--prevention 616.99406 Cancer--humans--therapy 616.994071 Cancer--humans--etiology 616.994075 Cancer--humans--diagnosis 616.9941 Cancers of cardiovascular organs and blood 616.9942 Respiratory tract diseases--humans--cancer--medicine 616.9943 Digestive system diseases--humans--cancer--medicine 616.9944 Endocrine diseases--humans--cancer--medicine 616.9946 Genital diseases--humans--cancer--medicine 616.9947 Musculoskeletal diseases--humans--cancer--medicine 616.9948 Nervous system diseases--humans--cancer--medicine 616.99491 Head cancer--medicine 616.99494 Thoracic neoplasms--medicine 616.99495 Abdominal cancers--medicine
Dewey Decimal Classification
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