617 Surgery, regional medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, otology, audiology
617.7 Ophthalmology
617.70231 Eye diseases--humans--nursing 617.70232 Ophthalmologists--role and function 617.7042 Eye diseases--humans--genetics 617.706 Eye diseases--humans--therapy 617.7092 Ophthalmologists 617.71 Pathology and surgery of eyes 617.72 Diseases of uveas 617.73 Diseases of optic nerves, of retinas 617.74 Diseases of eyeballs 617.75 Disorders of refraction and accommodation, color vision defects 617.76 Diseases of ocular neuromuscular mechanism and lacrimal apparatus 617.77 Diseases of eyelids and conjunctivas 617.78 Diseases of orbits 617.79 Artificial eyes
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