618.9 Pediatrics and geriatrics
618.92 Pediatrics
618.9200092 Pediatricians vi
618.9 Nhi khoa và lão khoa
618.92 Nhi khoa
618.9200092 Bác sỹ nhi khoa it
618.9 Pediatria e geriatria
618.92 Pediatria
618.9200092 Pediatri en
618.9 Pediatrics and geriatrics
618.92 Pediatrics
618.920008 Groups of people 618.920009 History, geographic treatment, biography 618.9200231 Pediatric nursing 618.9200232 Pediatricians--role and function 618.920025 Emergency medicine--pediatrics 618.920028 Intensive care--pediatrics 618.920042 Genetic disorders--humans--pediatrics 618.920043 Congenital diseases--humans--pediatrics 618.92007 Pathology--pediatrics 618.9201 Newborn infants (Neonates) 618.9202 Infants 618.9204 Chronic diseases; symptoms and general pathological processes as problems in their own right 618.9209 Special branches of medicine 618.921 Cardiovascular diseases--humans--pediatrics 618.922 Respiratory tract diseases--humans--pediatrics 618.923 Digestive system diseases--humans--pediatrics 618.924 Endocrine diseases--humans--pediatrics 618.925 Pediatric dermatology 618.926 Pediatric urology 618.927 Musculoskeletal diseases--humans--pediatrics 618.928 Nervous system--pediatrics 618.929 Communicable diseases--humans--pediatrics
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