629.4 Astronautics
629.45 Manned space flight
629.450092 Astronauts, . . . vi
629.4 Du hành vũ trụ
629.45 Chuyến bay vũ trụ có người
629.450092 Nhà du hành vũ trụ, . . . it
629.4 Astronautica
629.45 Volo spaziale con equipaggio
629.450092 Astronauti, . . . en
629.4 Astronautics
629.45 Manned space flight
629.450078 Flight simulators--manned space flight 629.450092 Astronauts 629.4507 Selection and training of astronauts 629.452 Launching and takeoff 629.453 Guidance, homing, navigation 629.454 Circumterrestrial and lunar flights 629.455 Planetary flights 629.457 Communications and tracking 629.458 Piloting and related activities
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