745.59 Making specific objects
745.593 Useful objects vi
745.59 Chế tạo các đồ vật cụ thể
745.593 Đồ vật hữu dụng it
745.59 Fabbricazione di specifici oggetti
745.593 Oggetti d'uso en
745.59 Making specific objects
745.593 Useful objects
745.5932 Lampshades 745.5933 Candles and candlesticks 745.5934 Snuffboxes 745.5936 Decoys 745.5938 Scrapbooks de
745.59 Herstellung einzelner Objekte
745.593 Gebrauchsgegenstände
745.5932 Lampenschirme 745.5933 Kerzen und Kerzenhalter 745.5934 Schnupftabakdosen 745.5936 Köder 745.5938 Scrapbooks
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