781.6 Traditions of music
781.62 Folk music
781.62008 History and description of folk music with respect to kinds of persons 781.62009 Historical, geographic, persons treatment vi
781.6 Truyền thống âm nhạc
781.62 Âm nhạc dân gian
781.62008 Lịch sử và mô tả âm nhạc dân gian liên quan tới các loại người 781.62009 Lịch sử, địa lý, con người it
781.6 Tradizioni musicali
781.62 Musica popolare
781.62008 Storia e descrizione della musica popolare in riferimento a categorie di persone 781.62009 Storia, geografia, persone en
781.6 Traditions of music
781.62 Folk music
781.62008 Groups of people 781.62009 History, geographic treatment, biography 781.6206 Influence of other traditions of music 781.6213 American folk music 781.622 English folk music 781.6231 German folk music 781.6241 French folk music 781.6251 Italian folk music 781.6261 Spanish folk music 781.6268 Latin American folk music 781.62691 Portuguese folk music 781.6269808161 Portuguese folk music--São Paulo (Brazil : State) 781.6291421 Punjabi folk music 781.62916 Celtic music 781.629171 Russian folk music 781.62937 Hausa music 781.6296333 Juju music 781.62966 Highlife (Music) 781.6296711 Folk music--Cameroon 781.62968 Folk music--South Africa 781.62969729 Calypso de
781.6 Musiktraditionen
781.62 Volksmusik
781.62008 Personengruppen 781.62009 Geschichte, geografische Behandlung, Biografien 781.6206 Stilistische Einflüsse anderer Musiktraditionen 781.6213 Amerikanische Volksmusik 781.622 Englische Volksmusik 781.6231 Deutsche Volksmusik 781.6241 Französische Volksmusik 781.6251 Italienische Volksmusik 781.6261 Spanische Volksmusik 781.62691 Portugiesische Volksmusik 781.6269808161 Portugiesische Volksmusik—São Paulo (Brasilien : Bundesstaat) 781.6291421 Pandschabische Volksmusik, . . . 781.62916 Keltische Musik 781.629171 Russische Volksmusik
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