783 Music for single voices    The voice
783.7 Children's voices vi
783 Nhạc cho đơn ca    Giọng ca
783.7 Giọng trẻ em it
783 Musica per voci singole    La voce
783.7 Voci infantili en
783 Music for single voices
783.7 Children's voices--single voices
783.76 Soprano voices--children's--single voices 783.77 Mezzo-soprano voices--children's--single voices 783.78 Alto voices--children's--single voices 783.79 Changing voices--single voices de
783 Musik für Einzelstimmen    Die Stimme
783.7 Kinderstimmen—Einzelstimmen
783.76 Sopran (Stimmlage)—Kinder—Einzelstimmen 783.77 Mezzosopran (Stimmlage)—Kinder—Einzelstimmen 783.78 Alt (Stimmlage)—Kinder—Einzelstimmen, . . . 783.79 Wechselnde Stimmen—Einzelstimmen
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