784 Instruments and instrumental ensembles and their music
784.2 Full orchestra (Symphony orchestra)
784.2092 Persons associated with full (symphony) orchestras vi
784 Nhạc cụ, nhóm hoà tấu và âm nhạc liên quan
784.2 Dàn nhạc đủ bộ (Dàn nhạc giao hưởng)
784.2092 Con người có liên quan tới dàn nhạc giao hưởng it
784 Strumenti, complessi strumentali e loro musica
784.2 Orchestra sinfonica
784.2092 Persone connesse all'orchestra sinfonica en
784 Instruments and instrumental ensembles and their music
784.2 Full orchestra (Symphony orchestra)
784.20854 Children of music conductors 784.2092 Biography 784.2184 Sinfoniettas--orchestral music 784.218926 Overtures--orchestral music 784.22 Orchestra with vocal parts 784.23 Orchestra with one or more solo instruments 784.24 Orchestra with more than one solo instrument 784.25 Orchestra with one solo instrument 784.262 Piano concertos 784.265 Organ concertos 784.272 Violin concertos 784.273 Viola concertos 784.274 Cello concertos 784.2787 Guitar concertos 784.2832 Flute concertos 784.2852 Oboe concertos 784.2862 Clarinet concertos 784.2894 Horn concertos de
784 Instrumente und Instrumentalensembles und ihre Musik
784.2 Sinfonieorchester (Volles Orchester)
784.20854 Kinder von Dirigenten 784.2092 Biografien 784.2184 Sinfoniettas—Orchestermusik, . . . 784.218926 Ouvertüren—Orchestermusik 784.22 Orchester mit Gesangsteilen 784.23 Orchester mit einem Soloinstrument oder mehreren Soloinstrumenten 784.24 Orchester mit mehr als einem Soloinstrument 784.25 Orchester mit einem Soloinstrument 784.262 Klavierkonzerte 784.265 Orgelkonzerte 784.272 Violinkonzerte 784.273 Bratschenkonzerte 784.274 Violoncellokonzerte 784.2787 Gitarrenkonzerte 784.2832 Flötenkonzerte 784.2852 Oboenkonzerte 784.2862 Klarinettenkonzerte 784.2894 Hornkonzerte
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