787 Stringed instruments (Chordophones)    Bowed stringed instruments
787.7 Plectral instruments vi
787 Nhạc cụ dây (Đàn dây)    Nhạc cụ kéo cần vĩ
787.7 Nhạc cụ gảy it
787 Strumenti a corda (Cordofoni)    Strumenti ad arco
787.7 Strumenti a plettro en
787 Stringed instruments (Chordophones)
787.7 Plectral instruments
787.719 Zithers--instrument 787.72 Stick, tube, trough zithers 787.73 Frame, ground, harp, raft zithers 787.74 Board zithers 787.75 Plucked board zithers 787.78 Lyres de
787 Saiteninstrumente (Chordophone)    Streichinstrumente
787.7 Zupfinstrumente
787.719 Zithern—Instrument 787.72 Stab-, Röhren-, Schalenzithern 787.73 Rahmen-, Erd-, Harfen-, Floßzithern 787.74 Brettzithern 787.75 Gezupfte Brettzithern 787.78 Lyren
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