788 Wind instruments (Aerophones)
788.5 Double-reed instruments vi
788 Nhạc cụ thổi (Nhạc khí cụ)
788.5 Kèn có lưỡi gà kép it
788 Strumenti a fiato (Aerofoni)
788.5 Strumenti ad ancia doppia en
788 Wind instruments (Aerophones)
788.5 Double-reed instruments
788.52 Oboes 788.53 Cors anglais (English horns) 788.58 Bassoons 788.59 Double bassoons (Contrabassoons) de
788 Blasinstrumente (Aerophone)
788.5 Doppelrohrblattinstrumente
788.52 Oboen 788.53 Englischhörner 788.58 Fagotte (Bassons) 788.59 Kontrafagotte
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