788 Wind instruments (Aerophones)
788.7 Saxophones
788.7092 Saxophonists vi
788 Nhạc cụ thổi (Nhạc khí cụ)
788.7 Kèn xăcxôphôn
788.7092 Nghệ sỹ xăcxôphôn it
788 Strumenti a fiato (Aerofoni)
788.7 Sassofoni
788.7092 Sassofonisti en
788 Wind instruments (Aerophones)
788.7 Saxophones
788.7092 Saxophonists 788.7165092 Jazz saxophonists 788.719 Saxophones--instrument 788.72 Soprano saxophones 788.73 Alto saxophones 788.74 Tenor saxophones 788.75 Bass saxophones de
788 Blasinstrumente (Aerophone)
788.7 Saxophone
788.7092 Saxophonisten 788.7165092 Jazzsaxophonisten 788.719 Saxophone—Instrument 788.72 Sopransaxophone 788.73 Altsaxophone 788.74 Tenorsaxophone 788.75 Basssaxophone
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