796.33 Inflated ball driven by foot
796.334 Soccer (Association football) vi
796.33 Bóng chơi bằng chân (Túc cầu)
796.334 Bóng đá it
796.33 Pallone manovrato col piede
796.334 Calcio
796.33402 Miscellanea 796.33406 Organizzazioni, impianti, gestione 796.33407 Educazione, ricerca e soggetti connessi en
796.33 Inflated ball driven by foot
796.334 Soccer (Association football)
796.33402022 Soccer--rules 796.33403 Soccer--encyclopedias 796.334077 Soccer--coaching 796.334083 Children--soccer 796.33409 Soccer--history 796.3342 Strategy and tactics 796.3343 Refereeing and umpiring 796.3346 Specific types of soccer 796.3348 Variants of soccer de
796.33 Mit dem Fuß gespielter aufgepumpter Ball
796.334 Fußball (Europäischer Fußball)
796.334092 Fußballspieler—Fußball 796.3342 Strategie und Taktik 796.3343 Schiedsrichtertätigkeit 796.3346 Einzelne Leistungsklassen im Fußball 796.3348 Fußballvarianten
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