796.3576 Specific types of baseball
796.35764 Professional and semiprofessional baseball
796.3576406 Professional baseball--organizations 796.3576409713541 Professional baseball--Toronto (Ont.) 796.357640973 Professional baseball--United States 796.357640974461 Professional baseball--Boston (Mass.) 796.35764097471 Professional baseball--New York (N.Y.) 796.357640974723 Professional baseball--Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.) 796.357640974811 Professional baseball--Philadelphia (Pa.) 796.357640974886 Professional baseball--Pittsburgh (Pa.) 796.35764097526 Professional baseball--Baltimore (Md.) 796.3576409753 Professional baseball--Washington (D.C.) 796.3576409758231 Professional baseball--Atlanta (Ga.) 796.3576409759381 Professional baseball--Miami (Fla.) 796.357640975965 Professional baseball--Tampa (Fla.) 796.35764097641411 Professional baseball--Houston (Tex.) 796.3576409764531 Professional baseball--Tarrant County (Tex.) 796.357640977132 Professional baseball--Cleveland (Ohio) 796.357640977178 Professional baseball--Cincinnati (Ohio) 796.357640977311 Professional baseball--Chicago (Ill.) 796.357640977434 Professional baseball--Detroit (Mich.) 796.3576409776579 Professional baseball--Minneapolis (Minn.) 796.357640977866 Professional baseball--Saint Louis (Mo.) 796.357640978883 Professional baseball--Denver (Colo.) 796.357640979173 Professional baseball--Phoenix (Ariz.) 796.357640979461 Professional baseball--San Francisco (Calif.) 796.357640979466 Professional baseball--Oakland (Calif.) 796.357640979493 Professional baseball--Los Angeles County (Calif.) 796.357640979494 Professional baseball--Los Angeles (Calif.) 796.3576409794985 Professional baseball--San Diego (Calif.) 796.3576409797772 Professional baseball--Seattle (Wash.) 796.357646 World series games 796.357648 All-star games
Dewey Decimal Classification
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