810 American literature in English
810.8 American literature (English)--collections
810.80054 American literature (English)--1945-1999--collections 810.8006 American literature (English)--2000---collections 810.803529691073 Portuguese Americans--American literature 810.803529956 Japanese in literature--American literature (English)--collections 810.80353 American literature (English)--human characteristics--collections 810.80355 American literature (English)--social themes--collections 810.8089163 American literature (English)--Scottish American authors--collections 810.808951 American literature (English)--Chinese American authors--collections 810.80897 American literature (English)--Indian authors (American)--collections 810.809282 Children's literature--American literature--collections 810.809287 American literature (English)--women authors 810.8097282 Belizean literature--English--collections 810.8097291 Cuban literature--English--collections 810.80972974 Antiguan and Barbudan literature--collections 810.80972975 Montserratian literature--collections 810.809969 American literature (English)--Hawaiian authors--collections
Dewey Decimal Classification
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