810 American literature in English
818 American miscellaneous writings 818 American miscellaneous writings in English
81 American literature in English
818 American miscellaneous writings in English
818.207 Experimental literary works--American literature--1776-1829 818.209 Authors (Literature)--American literature--multiple forms--1776-1829 818.303 Diaries--American literature--1830-1861 818.309 Authors (Literature)--American literature--multiple forms--1830-1861 818.403 Diaries--American literature--1861-1899 818.409 Authors (Literature)--American literature--multiple forms--1861-1899 818.5203 Diaries--American literature--1900-1945 818.5209 Authors (Literature)--American literature--multiple forms--1900-1945 818.5402 Jokes--American literature--1945-1999 818.5403 Diaries--American literature--1945-1999 818.5407 Avant-garde literary works--American literature--1945-1999 818.5409 Authors (Literature)--American literature--multiple forms--1945-1999 818.602 Jokes--American literature--2000- 818.603 Authors (Literature)--American literature--diaries--2000- 818.607 Avant-garde literary works--American literature--2000- 818.609 Authors (Literature)--American literature--multiple forms--2000-
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