820 English and Old English (Anglo-Saxon) literatures
820.9 English literature--history and criticism
820.9001 English literature--1066-1400--history and criticism 820.9003 English literature--1558-1625--history and criticism 820.9005 English literature--1702-1745--history and criticism 820.9008 English literature--1837-1899--history and criticism 820.90091 English literature--20th century--history and criticism 820.9145 English literature--romanticism--history and criticism 820.9351 Arthur, King--English literature--history and criticism 820.93522 Women--English literature--history and criticism 820.9353 English literature--human characteristics--history and criticism 820.9355 English literature--social themes--history and criticism 820.9358 English literature--historical themes--history and criticism 820.9382 English literature--religious themes--history and criticism 820.99282 Children's literature--English literature--history and criticism 820.99287 English literature--women authors--history and criticism 820.99411 English literature--Scottish authors--history and criticism 820.99415 English literature--Irish authors--history and criticism 820.99495 English literature--Greek authors--history and criticism 820.9951 English literature--Chinese authors--history and criticism 820.9952 English literature--Japanese authors--history and criticism 820.9954 English literature--Indian authors (South Asian)--history and criticism 820.9964 Moroccan literature--English--history and criticism 820.996773 Somali literature--English--history and criticism 820.9968 English literature--South African authors--history and criticism 820.9994 Australian literature (English)--history and criticism 820.999614 English literature--Samoa--history and criticism
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