840 French literature and literatures of related Romance languages
840.9 French literature--history and criticism
840.9001 French literature--medieval period--history and criticism 840.9003 French literature--1500-1599--history and criticism 840.9004 French literature--1600-1715--history and criticism 840.9005 French literature--1715-1789--history and criticism 840.9007 French literature--1815-1848--history and criticism 840.90091 French literature--1900-1999--history and criticism 840.90092 French literature--2000---history and criticism 840.9353 French literature--human characteristics--history and criticism 840.9355 French literature--social themes--history and criticism 840.99206914 French literature--exiled authors--history and criticism 840.99287 French literature--women authors--history and criticism 840.995 Oriental literature--French--history and criticism 840.99714 French literature--Quebec--history and criticism
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