943 Central Europe    Germany
943.6 Austria and Liechtenstein
943.605 Austria since 1918 943.64 Liechtenstein vi
943 Trung Âu    Đức
943.6 Áo (Austria) và Liechtenstein
943.605 Áo từ năm 1918 943.64 Liechtenstein it
943 Europa Centrale    Germania
943.6 Austria e Liechtenstein
943.605 Austria dal 1918 943.64 Liechtenstein en
943 Germany and neighboring central European countries
943.6 Austria and Liechtenstein
943.602 Medieval period, 476-1526 943.603 1526-1815 943.604 1815-1918 943.605 1918- 943.615025 Burgenland (Austria)--1273-1526 943.64 Western Austria, and Liechtenstein
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