949 Other parts of Europe
949.5 Greece
949.507 1830- vi
949 Các phần khác của Châu Âu
949.5 Hy Lạp
949.507 1830- it
949 Altre parti d'Europa
949.5 Grecia
949.507 1830- en
949 Other parts of Europe
949.5 Greece
949.501 Early history to 717 949.502 Middle Byzantine period, 717-1081 949.503 Late Byzantine period, 1081-1204 949.504 Period of Latin and Greek states and Turkish conquest, 1204-1453 949.505 Period of Turkish domination, 1453-1821 949.506 War of Independence, 1821-1830 949.507 1830- 949.58 Former Aegean Islands region (Aigaio Nēsoi periphereia) 949.59 Crete region (Krētē periphereia)
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