973.31 Social, political, economic history
973.311 Causes
973.3111 Stamp Act, 1765-1766 973.3112 Commercial restrictions 973.3113 Quartering of troops and Boston Massacre, 1770 973.3114 Taxation and representation 973.3115 Tax on tea and Boston Tea Party, 1773 973.3116 Boston Port Bill, 1774 de
973.31 Sozial-, Politik-, Wirtschaftsgeschichte
973.311 Ursachen
973.3111 Stempelakte, 1765-1766 973.3112 Handelsbeschränkungen 973.3113 Einquartierung von Truppen und Boston-Massaker, 1770 973.3114 Besteuerung und Protest 973.3115 Teesteuer und Boston Tea Party, 1773 973.3116 Boston Port Bill, 1774
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